For much more information, on the right hand side of this page you will find links to allow you to download information concerning what the children are learning this term and how our School works.

Our Nursery department has 3 classes which are:

  • Sparrow: Mrs Considine/ Mrs Nixon
  • Gosling: Mrs Goodman
  • Duckling: Mrs Cossey


The Infant Department

  • The school has a planned admission number of 120.  However, in practice everyone living in the town of Rothwell and the parishes of Harrington and Thorpe Underwood is eligible to attend, so on occasions the admission number is exceeded due to demand for places from the given catchment area.  Admissions are dealt with centrally by the Northants Admissions team in Northampton and the school follows the Local Authority admissions policy. 
  • Children are admitted in the September after their Fourth birthday.