How do I become a member of the PFA?

As a parent/career of a child in the school you are automatically a member. 

How much time do I need to give to be involved in the PFA?

That is determined by you! Any amount of support is always valued and appreciated both by us and the school.  A full committee member ,might attend one committee meeting per term plus the AGM, whereas an ‘occasional helper’ may do as little or as much as they want, whether it be to sell tickets for an event, bake cakes to sell at our cake sales, or helping out at an event.  No matter how much time you have to give you can support.

Why should I get involved?

The aim of the PFA is to raise funds to bring benefits to the children in our school.  As a member of the PFA you can influence how we raise funds and how much we raise.  Your child will benefit from the work we do.

What are the benefits to me if I join the PFA?

We are a really welcoming bunch of friends and parents.  The meetings we have are sociable, we enjoy what we do and have fun doing it.  It’s an opportunity to meet parents with children at the school, an opportunity to raise funds for your child’s school and an opportunity to have a little fun yourself along the way.

Will I fit in?

Everyone involved in the PFA has one common aim.  That is to enhance the experience our children have at the school.  The committee is open to all parents and we welcome all ideas.  Come along and see.

I have pre school children to look after so I can’t attend meetings in the day?

Yes you can! Bring your child/children along.  Many of us have small children we choose a location for our meetings that invites children so they are always welcome to come along too.

I would like to join what do I do?

Just come along to the next meeting advertised on the notice board or contact Clare Jarvis (contact details available from the school office).

I am unable to get involved with the PFA will my child miss out?

Certainly not! You can still help by supporting the events we organise.  By your child participating in a mufti day and contributing £1, by buying cakes from our cake stalls, by buying a ticket for your child to attend the school disco you are supporting.  Please continue to support us.